It's possible the fan coil units in your building have been working there longer than you have!

Can you improve Fan Coil Performance with little to no room downtime?


Help us get you the right information:



  • Restore select unit performance without full fan coil unit replacement.


  • Replace vertical stack fan coil unit components with little to no hotel room downtime.


  • Refurbish vortical stack fan coil units without sheet rock or wall repair.

Put the EnviroKIT™ to work for you


EnviroKIT Energy

Upgrade your Motor and Blower to realize an improvement in performance and energy consumption.


EnviroKIT Comprehensive

Comprehensive kits include EC Motor Assembly, control kits and a factory assembled chassis which includes the coil/valves/drain pan that is designed for quick installation to minimize field labor.


Selective Parts Replacement

Replace only the components of existing fan coil units as required for operation and performance, and repurpose existing materials to minimize disposal, installation labor, and unnecessary expense.​


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